The Herbert Protocol

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South Yorkshire Police has opted into a national scheme to help people living with dementia and their carers.

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme that encourages carers, family and friends to provide and put together useful information, which can then be used in the event of a vulnerable person going missing.

Carers and / or relatives and friends can complete a form in advance, including important information about the missing individual such as the contact numbers, medication needed, locations the person was last seen and so forth also a photograph can be provided.

The form can be easily sent or handed to the police in the event of a loved one going missing, reducing the time to gather this information.  The form should be completed as soon as possible.

The scheme is designed to help those caring for someone with dementia also to make sure in the event a person going missing the police can gain access to essential information promptly.

Remembering all sorts of information at times like this can be very distressing for those involved and when being asked by a police officer, adds to the stress and upset caused. The information contained within these forms aims to relieve some of that stress.

The Herbert Protocol initiative is named after George Herbert, a War veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia.

To get a copy of the form and find out more please visit the South Yorkshire Police website: