Neighbourhood Resolutions



Neighbourhood Resolutions is a community based project working with volunteers across the whole of Barnsley. We are supported by South Yorkshire Police, Berneslai Homes and BMBC. We work with individuals who are experiencing a problem with someone they know and who want the situation to get better in the future. It may be a neighbour and they both have different views about noise, parking or where to put wheelie bins, the key to our work is that both parties want the situation to improve and they are prepared to work with us to come to some mutual agreement about future conduct. Alternatively, it might be a low level crime matter where someone has admitted what they have done or anti social behaviour.

All our referrals are received via South Yorkshire Police, Berneslai Homes or BMBC. We have been working in Barnsley since May 2012 and have already made a difference to the quality of life of many residents of Barnsley.

What is in it for you?

We offer free training in restorative approaches to all our volunteers, who can gain valuable experience and develop new skills,which are directly transferrable to future work or study.

You will develop excellent communication skills, using active listening and helping individuals to reflect on how they may/may not have contributed to a situation. These additional skills can potentially make the difference between your application for a job being selected for an interview. When job hunting or applying for a course, you need to highlight your unique qualities to make your application different to others, where people often have similar qualifications.

You will gain experience working hands on with members of the community and our statutory services. Every volunteer works in pairs and is fully supported and mentored whilst they work with us. We are often able to offer additional free training in a wide range of different areas.

You will be reimbursed for travel and telephone expenses incurred whilst working on a referral.

What is expected of you?

All our volunteers must be 18yrs of age or older and be resident in Barnsley or have a close link i.e. they work in Barnsley. You do not need any qualifications or training, often the school of life gives you excellent qualities to become a Facilitator.

We ask that you are professional in delivering our service and that you can commit to on average 2-3hrs per month.

You must be able to speak English (we are able to provide interpretation for our clients but not our Facilitators). There is a minimum of paperwork involved; the Co-Ordinator will provide all necessary administrative support.

What is involved?

We are currently looking to train a new group of volunteers and would ask that anyone interested contact us for an informal discussion, or if you feel you know enough about Neighbourhood Resolutions that you complete an application form and return it to us as soon as possible. Each volunteer will be expected to attend all of the training sessions to enable them to receive and develop training to become a Facilitator for Neighbourhood Resolutions.

If you are interested please contact:

Julie Oxley or Lucy Richards on 01226 736238 or 07825 904927
Neighbourhood Resolution Project, Rae House, Cypress Road, Kendray, Barnsley, S70 3LZ