National Citizen Service (NCS)

What is NCS?

Watch the video below, featuring Ali-A, Emily-Victoria Canham and Suli Breaks, to see each part of the NCS experience!

The chance of a lifetime

National Citizen Service (NCS) is an experience to change your life.

More than 200,000 young people have already said YES to NCS. If you’re 15 to 17 years old, this is your chance to make lasting friendships, embrace the outdoors and learn the skills they don’t teach in class.

Don’t. Miss. Out.

Get ready for…

  • Adventure
  • Social Action
  • Events
  • Opportunities
  • Fun!
  • Freedom!
How it works

NCS takes place outside of term time in spring, summer and autumn – each one is a little different but equally amazing. There are plenty of dates to choose from so there’s nothing standing in between you and the awesomeness of NCS.

Week 1 Adventure

In your first week you’ll live with your team at an outdoor activity centre, getting to know each other and experiencing the freedom of being away from home with new friends.

So, once you’ve decided on the programme for you, we’ll place you in a group of 12-15 amazing people and the best thing about NCS is that these will be people you’d never have met before – people that could change your life, or you could change theirs. In this week you’ll get the chance to take part in adrenaline-fuelled activities with your team mates like: rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and archery.

Week 2 Skills

Next up is being reunited with your group to live away from home in university style accommodation*.

Not only will you be learning to cook for yourselves (think roast dinners, not beans on toast!), but you’ll also learn some huge life skills that make for a killer CV. You could find yourself meeting organisations and important people from your local community, whilst learning about the issues facing them, as well as developing new personal skills (teamwork, leadership and communication). You could also find out more about skills you have a passion for, such as photography, editing, football coaching or even how to set up your own business!

* If you’re taking part in the spring/autumn programme then you’ll be living at home but will still take part in as many cool, life-changing experiences – you’ll just wake up in your own bed.

Week 3 Making a difference

Now you get the chance to put all the skills and experiences you’ve learnt into practice as a team agreeing on a social action project that will really make a mark on your local community.

We believe that you and your team have the power to change the world around you given the respect, tools and opportunities to do so. This is your chance to be part of something amazing – plan your own project, fundraise for it and make it happen! Go out there and be awesome together.

Week 4 Graduation

Once you’ve completed the programme, you’re now part of the bigger NCS family – our grads have the chance to attend some of the greatest shows and events going and we’ll be constantly developing amazing ways to keep you involved with us, your community & with all of our fantastic partners. Oh plus we’ll support you and the projects you are passionate about because like we said, you’re family!

We forgot to mention at the end of each programme we’ll throw you a big party to celebrate everything you’ve achieved too. Not only will you be a completely different person, but you’ll have made a huge network of amazing friends for life and done something truly inspirational in your community.

Remember you’ll…

  • Stay away from home at an outdoor activity centre
  • Develop new skills and meet new people
  • learn to budget and live for yourself
  • make your mark in your local area delivering your social action project
  • receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister
  • Keep volunteering
  • Be awesome

When does NCS Run ?

NCS runs out of term time, so there’s an NCS programme for everyone. No matter what your commitments in the year or what your summer holiday plans are, just register and we’ll get you on the next suitable programme you can do.

  • ● In Phase 1 you will stay away at the outdoor activity centre for 3 nights and 4 days
  • ● In Phase 2 you will live at home whilst you and your team meet up to learn new skills and meet people from your area
  • ● During Phase 1 you will stay at the outdoor activity centre
  • ● During Phase 2 you will live away from home e.g. in student accommodation as you learn to budget and cook for yourselves independently
  • ● In Phase 1 you will stay away at the outdoor activity centre for 3 nights and 4 days
  • ● In Phase 2 you will live at home whilst you and your team meet up to learn new skills and meet people from your area

No matter which programme you take part in there will be at least an additional 30 hours of social action which will be in your own time where you’ll deliver your own amazing social action project. How cool is that?

Who will run My Programme ?

Once you’ve registered, your local NCS provider will contact you to discuss things further and to answer any other questions you have about us or the programme.

NCS is delivered by a series of charities, college consortia and Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise (VCSE) and private sector partnerships across England.