Have you got what it takes to be a Councillor?


As a democratically elected local representative, you have a unique and privileged position – and the potential to make a real difference to people’s lives.

However, being a Councillor is hard work. Every day you will be expected to balance the needs of your local area, your residents and voters, community groups, local businesses, your political party (if you belong to one) and the council. All will make legitimate demands on your time – on top of your personal commitments to family, friends and workplace.

As a Councillor you will have many different roles to balance. As the local elected representative you will engage with residents and groups on a wide range of different issues and take on an important community leadership role. At the council you will contribute to the development of policies and strategies, including budget setting, and you may be involved in scrutinising council decisions or taking decisions on planning or licensing applications.

Community leadership and representing your local area

A Councillor’s primary role is to represent their ward or division and the people who live in it. Councillors provide a bridge between the community and the council.

Developing council policy

Councils need clear strategies and policies to enable them to achieve their vision for the area, make the best use of resources and deliver services that meet the needs of local communities.

Seven principles of public life

Selflessness, integrity and openness are just some of the skills you will need to operate as an effective Councillor.

Last updated: 5 May 2015