Get involved

Kingstone Labour Party is active across the ward all year round and not just during elections. Campaigning is a year-round activity and we always need volunteers to be part of our team and help out from your homes or on the campaign trail.

Volunteering with Labour can involve as big or as small a commitment as you like. By getting involved, you’ll contribute to our common goal of winning elections and putting our values into practice. All sorts of things need to be done, from telephoning voters, delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, stuffing envelopes for delivery, addressing envelopes, helping at fundraising events or taking voters to the polling station.

How can you help?

  • Things you can do from home
  • Things you can do at the Barnsley Central Labour Party offices
  • Things you can do in your area
  • Other ways to help
  • Join the party
  • Things you can do from home
  • Display a Labour poster or placard at election times.
  • Make sure that you can vote. If necessary apply for a postal vote (now available on demand – you don’t need a reason) or if you will be away on polling day, a proxy vote. For information on Postal or Proxy votes go to the Barnsley Council website.
  • Join the Labour Party – You can join online by clicking here, or send a message via this site and we will bring you a membership application form.
  • Make a donation to the Labour Party. You can donate online by clicking here and selecting the “donate today” link. If you want to make a donation to Barnsley Central Labour Party please send it to :FREEPOST ‘BNY Labour Party’.
  • Sign up for Labour eNews, our email bulletin keeping you up-to-date with all that Labour is doing.
  • Write to the papers. If you buy the Chronicle you’ll be used to seeing certain names regularly appearing on the Letters pages. Kingstone Branch Labour Party doesn’t go in for the orchestrated letter writing campaigns of some of our political opponents, so if you see something you feel strongly about, write to the paper with your point of view.

Things you can do at the Barnsley Central Labour Party offices

  • Stuffing and addressing envelopes.
  • Phoning voters.
  • Help with printing and publishing the newsletters our local Councillors and campaign teams regularly issue to Barnsley’s electors.
  • Assisting with general office administrative work.

Things you can do in your area

  • Delivering leaflets from Kingstone Branch Labour Party to voters in your area. Volunteers to take on a regular deliver round of between 50 and 100 properties are always needed.
  • Delivering letters to Labour Party members and supporters.
  • Calling on local residents with Councillors and local campaign teams.

Other ways to help

  • Support local Labour Party events such as quiz nights, race nights and dinners.. Why not join us.

Join Us

If you would like to join the Labour Party, or volunteer to help us secure Labour representation locally and nationally, please write, telephone or send a message via this site. Or you can join online.