Energise Barnsley

Barnsley is working with Gen Community and Berneslai Homes to launch Energise Barnsley, an exciting new scheme to install solar panels on approximately 5,000 council-owned houses and other buildings, such as schools and leisure facilities.


Energise Barnsley is leading the way in community energy schemes. Over the last 12 months we’ve installed solar panels onto 321 council houses, helping residents to save money on their energy bills, and supporting community projects.

What is Energise Barnsley?

Energise Barnsley is the name of the Community Benefit Society (CBS) we are working with, alongside British Gas, to manage the installation and maintenance of the panels. Any surplus money from the generation of electricity through the solar panels, backed by the government Feed-In-Tariff scheme, will create a Community Grant Scheme and will be used to support community projects in the local area.

Energise Barnsley is a great example of a council working with social enterprises and a large, well-recognised company.

For more information visit www.energisebarnsley.co.uk

Energise Barnsley solar bond for people who live in Barnsley

If you live in Barnsley you can be part of an exciting new opportunity to invest in a five-year solar bond through the borough’s Energise Barnsley scheme.

We’re working with British Gas and Energise Barnsley to raise £1.2m from the bond to help co-finance the installation of community-owned rooftop solar panels for residential homes, schools, sheltered housing accommodation and other community buildings in Barnsley.

You can invest a minimum of £100 into the solar bond which has a projected five per cent return per annum.

Find out about the bond at www.ethex.org.uk/eb