Doorstep EU app

screen322x572This little app is an invaluable pocket guide to the European Union and Britain’s place in it.

Designed for anyone who’s interested in the relationship between the UK and the EU, the app includes:

+ Behind The Headlines: a regularly-updated guide to the EU in the news, cutting through tabloid waffle and political spin to provide the facts behind the headlines

+ Key Issues: short, punchy briefings on hot topics in the UK-EU debate, together with links to further reading

+ Mythbusters: a breakdown of the most common euromyths in Britain today, backed up by hard evidence from independent sources

Doorstep EU has a particular focus on correcting misunderstandings and improving accuracy in the debate about Europe. It’s especially useful for people who regularly find themselves involved in conversations about these issues, or who want to delve beneath the frothy surface of media coverage of European affairs.

Doorstep EU was designed and written by Richard Corbett, a Member of the European Parliament and one of Britain’s leading experts on the European Union.