Barnsley Riding for the Disabled

About Us

Barnsley RDA was originally formed in 1979 as a local branch of the national charity Riding for the Disabled, and at that point ran its operations from various commercial riding schools in the area. It became apparent from this early stage that it needed its own establishment and from the tremendous efforts of trustees and the local council, was successful in opening its own stables in June 1984.

In the late 1990’s, structural changes meant that individual member groups of Riding for the Disabled began to register as charities in their own right and Barnsley was no exception, becoming a charity ourselves in 1998.

Right from the formation of Barnsley RDA, we have never received any statutory funding to carry out our activities in fact; in order for us to run effectively, we have to raise in excess of £50,000 each year.

Barnsley Riding for the Disabled Association is constantly adapting to meet the needs of the disabled residents of Barnsley. Since our inception in 1979, we have always prided ourselves in being able to provide high quality, equine related training for young people. We have been an accredited British Horse Society Edexcel, (Btec ) training centre  in Horse Care delivering training up to level two standard.

Improvements in 2006 included new classroom facilities for students onsite, the outdoor riding ménage was been renewed and extended to be rubber covered. We have also not only incorporated our charity, but we have taken the step of forming a trading company in order to develop further the vocational training we currently offer to adults and young people in horse care and management.

Registered as Barnsley Equestrian Centre, it has been formed as a not-for-profit company, aiming to provide a learning environment where Barnsley RDA’s vision of breaking down barriers and fostering social interaction between disabled and non-disabled are met.

Our next development plan is for a purpose built indoor riding school including extensive learning facilities and indoor ménage. This will enable Barnsley RDA to compete in an open marketplace and generate income via the trading arm in order to secure its long-term sustainability.

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