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B-Chilled is a new project going out on the town in Barnsley to help individuals have a safe night, learn about the risks of drink, drugs and unsafe sex, and find out who to turn to for support in the morning.

Who we are

B-Chilled is a free and confidential service that delivers a proactive approach to health promotion in the night time economy. We offer expert advice, guidance and information on how to protect yourself and stay safe while out in Barnsley.

Many people go out to bars and clubs in Barnsley and have a great night safely. But inexperience and misinformation can cause people to use alcohol and drugs dangerously and experience their worst effects. For some, this can lead to using compulsively and result in an inability to socialise without drink or drugs. This puts a strain on local resources and affects the community as a whole.

We want to reach people before these risks become a reality.

Where we came from?

B-Chilled is a community, non-profit project, funded by BMBC Healthier Communities, to support a safer nightlife in the Barnsley area.

It was established in Barnsley in mid 2015 by Phoenix Futures – a nationwide charity with over 40 years of experience in the field of substance misuse.

The project is particularly focussed at mild to moderately problematic recreational and experimental drug and alcohol use. We offer a realistic approach, relating to the attitudes and lifestyles of those we engage with.

All B-chilled staff are trained and qualified to offer empathic and practical advice and deliver up to date harm reduction interventions.

What we offer

Our service is professional, down to earth and able to adapt to reach a wide audience in many different locations.

Town Centre – in a busy town centre location we will talk to people and offer take-away information on personal safety, sexual health, drug and alcohol harm reduction and, if necessary, referrals to other health organisations.

Pub Runs – Delivering party packs containing condoms, personal safety and recreational drug & alcohol information to pubs.

Venue Interventions – providing information stalls at venues to help people access the information, support and advice they may need whilst clubbing.

Health Fairs – providing information stalls at community events and universities/colleges.

Festival/Event Work – the team will create ‘Chill-Out Spaces’ offering welfare services to people at events, along with personal safety, sexual health and recreational drug & alcohol information, advice and support.

How we deliver

Small teams of three (or more if necessary) set up a discreet stand in a venue and feature a ‘pop-up’ banner displaying B-Chilled contact details. Harm reduction material, leaflets and referral cards are displayed and all material is informational and educational, culturally sensitive and non-judgmental.

The outreach team will answer questions, provide personal safety and harm reduction information and offer brief interventions. We will also be on hand to offer advice and support to staff, particularly with regard to drug and alcohol using customers.


The team also consists of a qualified Drug and Alcohol Trainer who can offer night-time economy stakeholders, licensees, promoters, bar managers, bar staff and door supervisors the opportunity to undertake some free training including;

● Drug and alcohol awareness

● Harm Reduction

● Develop a robust and workable policy for dealing with drug and alcohol use at your venue