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The fight against fracking in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire continues.

Ineos have launched their first application in the UK for a well at Marsh Lane near Eckington and are preparing to submit another at Harthill, near Rotherham. Ineos have also announced that they intend to start seismic surveys in the Worksop area very soon.

The General Election campaigns continue with Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party and the Yorkshire Party all pledging to stand against fracking. The Tory manifesto of course contains a promise to pursue fracking even more vigorously, changing planning law to make it easier for fracking companies. See below for our Barnsley Candidates Election Guide.

So far Barnsley has been spared the attentions of companies such as Ineos, with most of the action to date being concentrated on the area to the south of Sheffield and Rotherham. However, it won’t be long until our turn comes, so it is important that we keep spreading the awareness to our friends, family and neighbours, and keep writing to your councillors. Why not also drop your local parliamentary candidates a line yourself and make sure that fracking is an issue in the forefront of their minds over the coming weeks.

General Election Guide 2017: What are local candidates’ views on fracking?

We contacted every candidate standing in the four Barnsley constituencies and asked them to supply us with a statement of their views on fracking.

The replies so far have been published on our website. Please revisit the page often, as it will be updated when new information becomes available.



Frack Free United

Frack Free United is a nationwide network of residents and campaign groups wanting to put fracking on the political agenda for the upcoming local and national elections, and to help stop fracking in England. You can find out more and sign up at www.frackfreeunited.org

Do Your Street
Frack Free South Yorkshire have produced a highly informative four page flyer, debunking the myths that the fracking industry likes to peddle. If you can help to deliver the flyer to houses in your street in Barnsley, please contact us at nofrackingbarnsley@yahoo.com. Elsewhere, please contact doyourstreet@gmail.com.

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