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Ask your politicians if they care

Before you vote on Thursday 8 June, do you know where your local candidates stand on the issues that matter to you?

UNISON represents people working inisolated-logo

  • local government
  • NHS
  • social care
  • police
  • education
  • community and voluntary sector
  • utilities and transport

That’s why we think it’s important to look at what the parties and candidates who want to be our local MPs have to say about your pay, jobs and public services.

The facts

The context in which this snap general election is taking place is stark: Inflation is now running ahead of pay increases, which means that most working people are threatened with a cut in their living standards in the period ahead. If costs rise, your pay will not go as far..

Because of the pay cap the average pay of public sector workers will be £1,700 lower in 2020 than in 2010, in real terms – a massive squeeze on your household finances.

Close to a million jobs have been cut and countless posts left unfilled, leaving our NHS, social care, local government services, policing and education struggling to meet rising demand. We know that you are feeling the pressure at work – with fewer staff trying to deliver the same level of service.

Where do the politicians stand?
Click on this link and you can send a message now to the candidates where you live, asking where they stand on these issues before you go to vote on Thursday 8 June.

Your vote really CAN make a difference.

Best wishes,

Dave Prentis
UNISON general secretary