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There’s no time and a mountain of work to do. For the first time in a generation, there is a real alternative to the status quo. But this election is dominated by spin, fear and a media establishment funded by a corrupt, wealthy elite.

Together, we can change this. Money and the media don’t have to decide who will run Britain. While the Sunday Times’ Rich List are funding the Tories, we have hundreds of thousands of people who can have real conversations on the doorstep. Research shows this is the most effective way to win an election. And we have a plan to make this happen.

And your role is critical. This is how people-powered movements work. Give us your support. Right now, every single pound counts. Together, we can defeat May and her corporate backers.

With your support, here’s what will happen:

  • Campaign Weekends where we flood Labour battlegrounds with thousands of Momentum activists.
  • Making your canvassing count with our brand new tool MyNearestMarginal.com.
  • Revolutionary peer-to-peer volunteer organising software brought over from the Bernie Sanders campaign.
  • People across the country mobilising with our Call for Labour web-app.
  • Training thousands of activists across the UK to have real conversations on the doorstep.

Enter your postcode on the My Nearest Marginal website to find your nearest marginal and a list of canvassing sessions happening near you.

There’s also the option to join a carpool and meet other activists on the way!

We’re still in the process of uploading marginals. If you have some information about canvassing in your marginal, email us at canvass@peoplesmomentum.com!


Source: https://swanleydistrictlabourparty.org/2017/05/13/my-nearest-marginal/