Britain in an uncertain world: Sheffield Fabians




The Circle, Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW

Saturday 29 April 2017 | The Circle, Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW | 09:30-16:30

Fabian Society regional conference

The aim of the conference is to facilitate discussion on key issues for Labour as it seeks to build a case for electoral support.  There will be plenary sessions in the morning and afternoon and parallel sessions throughout the day – each of which will be concerned with a policy area such as immigration, humanitarian intervention, international relations, Brexit, the Northern Powerhouse and foreign investment.

Speakers include:

Clive Betts MP, Paul Blomfield MP, Gill Furniss MP, Kate Green MP, Louise Haigh MP, Dan Jarvis MP, Lord Maurice Glasman, Craig Berry (University of Sheffield), Leigh Bramall (Sheffield city council), Richard Caborn (former minister, Advance Manufacturing Park), Mike Fitter (Sheffield Cohesion Advisory Group), Andrew Gamble (University of Sheffield), Andrew Harrop (Fabian Society), Tom Hunt (University of Sheffield), Scott Lavery (University of Sheffield), Shahida Siddique (Faithstar), and more.

The conference is likely to attract its main audience from the Northern region though others from further afield would also be welcome.

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