Last year I said that I wanted us to reconnect with our values and our people, so we can rebuild and transform Britain, for the many, not just the few.

To do this we need to hear from you, our members, to harness your views, passions and expertise.

At conference I set out ten pledges outlining my priorities. I asked Labour’s National Policy Forum to build on this work, to develop Labour’s thinking in these and other key areas.


Today we are launching eight new consultation documents on key issues we’d like your opinions on:

Early Years, Education and Skills

Includes these topics: A Modern Early Years System For A Modern Economy; A School System For The 21st Century; Modernising And Improving Access To Further Education And Adult Skills; and Improving Children’s Social Care And Safeguarding.

Economy, Business and Trade

Includes these topics: Economy; Business; Trade; and Industrial Strategy.

Environment, Energy and Culture

Includes these topics: Continuing To Lead In Tackling Global Climate Change; Developing Post-Brexit Agricultural And Environmental Policies For The Future; and Widening Access To And Delivering Support For Culture And The Arts.

Health and Social Care

Includes these topics: Funding; Social Care; and Public Health.

Housing, Local Government and Transport

Includes these topics: Devolution; Council; Social And Affordable House Building; Reforming The Private Rented Sector; and Improving Transport Services.


Includes these topics: The UK’s Post-Brexit Relationship With The European Union The Transatlantic Relationship; Labour’s Vision For International Development; and Playing To Britain’s Strengths.

Justice and Home Affairs Policy Commission Priority Issues

Includes these topics: Immigration; Prisons; Access To Justice; and Victims’ Rights.

Work, Pensions and Equality Policy Commission

Includes these topics: Tackling Poverty And Inequality; Social Security And Pensions For All; and Equalities – A More Equal And Tolerant Society.

The consultation period runs until Wednesday, 31 May 2017. I hope that you, other members and local parties will take the opportunity to read the documents and send in your comments and ideas.

The more people that get involved, the stronger and better our policy making process is.

The best and easiest way to send in your ideas and join the discussion is via our online home of policy making: (You’ll need to register an account or use your Labour Login)

By standing up for what we believe in; by engaging people as we develop our policies; and by building a policy platform together, we can deliver our vision of a more just and better Britain.


Jeremy Corbyn MP
Leader of the Labour Party