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Today Barnsley Labour group passed a budget aimed at protecting our most vulnerable residents from the national crisis in adult social care created by the Tories. 3% of extra council tax this year is ring-fenced for adult social care to try and fill the funding black hole the Tories have created. But even this 3% won’t be enough. 

There is a crisis in adult social care in this country. Thanks to medical advances and the NHS, people are living longer – but that also means we have more older people who need care and have complex needs. In spite of the growing demand for social care, the Tories have repeatedly cut social care budgets leaving a national black hole of £2.3 billion.

But the pain isn’t being felt equally across the country. In Theresa May’s constituency the council is raising £94.68 for each of their older people, but in Barnsley we’re only getting £71.16. 

And it’s not just the North that May’s cuts are hitting, the poorest will be the worst hit. The number of people receiving care has fallen by 400,000 and now 1.2 million people aren’t getting the care they need.

The current way of paying for adult social care isn’t fair and isn’t working. In Barnsley we’re ring-fencing 3% of extra council tax for adult social care – but even that won’t fill the gap the Tories have created.

Help us tell the Tories that enough is enough, sign our petition below:

Tell the Tories to give our older people the care they deserve

Yours sincerely,

Steve Houghton
Leader of Barnsley Council