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Write a letter to your MP now and demand they draw a line on UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

British-made bombs are fuelling the crisis in Yemen – a crisis in which 1.5 million children alone are now acutely malnourished.

Step 1: Find your MP


The red line at the top of this page represents the International Arms Trade Treaty. It’s a global agreement that was put in place to stop the human suffering caused by irresponsible arms sales. It’s a line that must never be crossed.

All sides in the Yemen crisis stand accused of violating International Humanitarian Law. By continuing to allow British weapons to be sold to Saudi Arabia – a country which is carrying out airstrikes that have destroyed food supplies, schools, hospitals and homes – the UK government is breaking the Arms Trade Treaty and crossing the line. We need you to ask your MP to help make them stop.


Write your letter. Draw the line. Pressure your MP.

We know it takes a little more effort but we also know that a personal letter in the post carries much more weight than an email or a tweet. And please remember to draw your red line across the top of your letter to show that it is part of a nationwide call to uphold the Arms Trade Treaty and stop British bombs falling on Yemen.

Here are some ideas of what you can include:

  • Air strikes in Yemen are destroying food and water systems. Two thirds of the population (18.8 million out of 27.4 million) is in urgent need of some kind of humanitarian assistance.
  • 11,000 civilians have been killed or injured since the conflict escalated in March 2015 – the majority of them in Saudi-led airstrikes.
  • Some 3.1 million people have fled their homes as a result of the conflict. As of October 2016, nearly 2.2 million people remained displaced within Yemen, of which almost 1 million are children.
  • Half of the country – 14 million people – suffer from hunger and need help before it’s too late. Of these, 7 million are severely hungry and don’t know where their next meal will come from.
  • The conflict is taking a terrible toll on children in particular – almost half a million infants and young children need immediate treatment for severe acute malnutrition.
  • Saudi Arabia is leading the bombing campaign in Yemen, in coalition with nine other countries.
  • The UK has exported £3.3bn worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia since 2015.
  • The Arms Trade Treaty clearly states that weapons sales should be suspended where there is a risk of serious violations of International Humanitarian Law.
  • By continuing to allow arms exports to Saudi Arabia, the UK government is violating the terms of the Arms Trade Treaty – breaking the law.

Please ask your MP to:

  • Urge Boris Johnson to halt the export of arms from the UK to the Saudi-led coalition.
  • Sign Oxfam’s public statement by MPs who uphold the Arms Trade Treaty and oppose all UK arms sales that could be used to cause further suffering in Yemen. Email campaigning@oxfam.org.uk for more information.

More tips on writing an influential letter (PDF, 129KB)

Source: http://oxfamapps.org/redline/?cid=psc_camp_tw_yemen_spvid&dclid=CLiC-PT_zNECFSelUQod5OMJtQ