By Peter Lazenby


GENERAL union GMB called on the government’s newly appointed regulator yesterday to investigate the shocking treatment of workers by online fashion retailer Asos.

GMB urged Labour Market Enforcement director Sir David Metcalf to probe working conditions at the retailer’s huge Barnsley warehouse.

The Morning Star has exposed shocking abuses at the distribution warehouse, including an appalling safety record and workers being forced to urinate in water fountains because they have no time to reach a toilet.

Last month, it was revealed that, between January 1 2014 and November 3 2016, emergency services were called to the warehouse 120 times to deal with incidents including falls, back injuries, fits and suicide attempts.

GMB is running a recruitment campaign at the warehouse, which employs 4,000 workers on the site of the former Grimethorpe colliery.

The union has written to Mr Metcalf calling for “a full investigation and enforcement action where needed.”

MB regional secretary Neil Derrick said that, over Christmas, Asos sales had increased by almost a fifth.

“Asos have got their Christmas bonus, but their profits have been made off the backs of their warehouse workers in Barnsley,” Mr Derrick noted.

“It’s their workers who are paying the price. There are now solid grounds for further investigation into the working conditions our members face — not least why there have been so many emergency call-outs to the site. It is deeply troubling and must be investigated.”

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Source: https://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-ef6e-GMB-regulator-must-investigate-Asos-conditions