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By James Barber 

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The past six years have been the worst in NHS history. Under the Conservative governments of Cameron and May, A&E services have become overcrowded, with patients being left in corridors for more than 24 hours, Elderly care services suffering a catastrophic crisis, and GP surgeries are under increasing pressure. This is down to the atrocious Health policies of the Conservative Party, who have hired an utter clown in Jeremy Hunt to be the man in charge of our health.

The first issue is A&E departments. The NHS have confirmed that ‘more and more people are visiting A&E departments and minor injury units’. This is true, as there seem to be an increasing number of unavoidable cases going to A&E departments. But the hospitals aren’t equipped to cope with the numbers, and they seem to be losing beds instead of gaining them. All around the country, hospitals and A&E departments are facing closure due to the severe austerity cuts made by this government.

My local hospital, Macclesfield District General Hospital is crucial to the area as it is a modern hospital serving the surrounding area. In a CQC inspection in May 2015, it was rated as ‘Requires improvement’, as is the case for many hospitals throughout the country. The A&E department here was one of those which was heavily expected to be closing, but thankfully, it didn’t. But I couldn’t imagine my town without it. It provides crucial treatment to thousands of people every year in Cheshire East. The Conservatives seem determined to make as many cuts as they can to healthcare, which is leaving the NHS on the brink of destruction.

Costs are rising due to the financial crisis encapsulating the UK, and the Tories seem to think that cutting funding to the NHS will help the country. It won’t. It’s predicted by 2020, there could be a £30billion funding gap for the NHS. The service wouldn’t be able to survive if this is the case, and it is highly likely that we would have to revert to the American system of healthcare where you have to pay. The only way this can be prevented is by the government giving a lot more funding to the service, and most importantly, stop wanting to privatise it.

Numerous sectors of the NHS have already faced privatisation, which of course contributes to rising costs and lower quality treatments. This is wholly down to this government, who are determined to save themselves a lot of money to plug into less important areas and to guarantee rich people get richer.

The demand for the NHS could of course be reduced if they actually helped out GP surgeries, who are struggling just as much as hospitals at the moment. There is no way they can cope with the demand of modern day Britain, where people go to them for the simplest reasons in many cases. The reason A&E departments being overcrowded and struggling is, in many days, down to GP surgeries failing to take care of their patients long term health. This isn’t always down to surgeries themselves, more the government who seemingly feel that GPs are pointless.

TV shows such as Casualty and Holby City downplay the issues the NHS faces a fair bit to make it look like the doctors, nurses and admin staff can cope. This is not the case in real life. Because they can’t. Junior doctors took on Jeremy Hunt, (and sadly lost), last year. In some cases it was down to poor pay, but many were furious by the extensive hours they are forced to work. And it’s true that doctors and nurses in general are forced to work incredibly long hours in overcrowded, under-funded hospitals.

So who’s to blame? Cowardly Cameron or Tyrannical Theresa? The simple answer is both of them. They both have agendas which involve huge budget cuts to the NHS. But their biggest failure has to be hiring the vile, incompetent Jeremy Hunt.

The man works around wearing an NHS pin badge, pretending he loves the service, and that the service loves him. Yet that couldn’t be more wrong. Barely a single person in the NHS actually likes the man who has destroyed them. Much like Gove and Education, Hunt and Health just doesn’t work. He has alienated pretty much everybody in the organisation, most notably the junior doctors. And the worst thing is that he has no shame, no remorse, no guilt. He doesn’t give a damn that the NHS, set up by Labour’s Nye Bevan under the wonderful socialist government of Clement Atlee, is facing utter oblivion. He would happily see the whole thing privatised, maybe even scrapped. Whenever he is questioned about the troubles faced by the NHS, he lies, claiming that there is nothing wrong at all and that the service is operated fine. How deluded is this man?

Labour created the NHS, the Tories have destroyed it. A vote for Theresa May is a vote for so many terrible things. Awful travel (trains most notably), further austerity, and most importantly, the end of the NHS. Labour hasn’t had the best few years, but we will rise from the ashes and save the NHS, as long as you get out there and vote for us. I know that it may be hard for people to vote for a man known as ‘incompetent’ and ‘a threat to national security’, but please, just put your political allegiances to the side and just think, who can save the NHS? UKIP want it fully privatised, the Lib Dems are untrustworthy, even now, and the Tories have single-handedly destroyed our most important public service.

Don’t fall for Theresa May’s lies, because she doesn’t care for the NHS, not one bit. As the British Medical Association say, ‘Theresa May lacks understanding about the seriousness of NHS crisis’. Coming from them, surely that gives you the evidence that tells you just how destructive the Tories are for our beloved NHS?

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/james-barber1/nhs-crisis-labour_b_14089544.html