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Anglo-Swiss based chemicals giant Ineos have commissioned Fisher German Preistner to undertake seismic surveys for fracking exploration in the area south of Sheffield. We are watching with interest as Barnsley will not be far behind and it can’t be long before Ineos turn their attentions towards us.

With the news that the Government suppressed a crucial report on the dangers of fracking and then deliberately delayed releasing that same report until after a vote by Lancashire County Council on Cuadrilla’s application to frack, the threat of fracking happening in South Yorkshire is moving ever closer, like a dark shadow being cast on Yorkshire soil.

Seismic surveying, the process of using explosive charges and thumper trucks in order to determine areas considered favourable for fracking, is arriving on the doorstep of Sheffield.

Permission has been asked to carry out seismic surveying by a company operating on behalf of Ineos that hold large areas of South Yorkshire under PEDL licence. A PEDL licence gives the company the right to frack in any area they hold licences.

The company that have already approached land owners in the areas south of Sheffield, near to Mosborough and Eckington, are FGP, Fisher German Preistner. They have been calling on landowners and leaving calling cards on gates, asking for people to contact them about allowing them to conduct seismic surveying on their land.

Phil Daly of Sheffield Against Fracking (SAF) said, “They are offering bribes for permission to carry out the surveys and the amount of bribe would depend on the size of your land. Sheffield Against Fracking, have been advising people to say no to allowing seismic surveying and people do not have to allow any company onto their land if they do not want to.”

If you are unsure what to do if you are approached by a company asking to do a seismic surveys on your land, you can call 07858 614861 for free legal advice. Other things you can do to help you at a later date would be to keep all paperwork that may be sent to you, including calling cards. Take names and titles etc of the people who approach you. If they want to make any offers, ask them to put their offer in writing to you so you can keep it as evidence should you need it at a later date.

Phil continued, “Please do not be fooled by them telling you it is just a simple survey. Seismic surveying is the start of fracking coming to your area. Once they know the best place to put the rig, that will be the place they go on to frack and that could be very close to your home, water source and at a later date they could pollute the air close to you.”

If we stand together and say no to seismic surveying they cannot understand the geology and therefore they cannot frack, which is what the majority of local people want, NO FRACKING.”

A number of new anti-fracking groups have sprung up in the area in response to this threat, including Mosborough Against Fracking, Clowne Against Fracking and Dronfield Against Fracking.

If you are approached by seismic surveying companies like FGP, follow the advice above and also contact your local anti-fracking group who will do all they can to assist you and advise you of what action to take.

Let’s leave this fossil fuel in the ground and say NO to fracking in Yorkshire or anywhere!

A useful seismic testing briefing sheet from Friends of the Earth can be downloaded here.

Source: http://nofrackingbarnsley.org/news/south-yorkshire-fights-back-against-seismic-testing