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JOIN A UNION. Win a Rise

March & Rally

Assemble 1.00pm Sat 17th December

Devonshire Green, Sheffield S3 7SW


We Deserve Better

Many workers face hardship, particularly at Christmas. Poverty wages lead to real hardship, and can cause depression.

We are told that Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. But big businesses are only interested in making profits andoften exploit their workers through low pay.

Wages are Too Low

Many of us can’t survive on the poverty wages we are paid. Things have got to change: It’s only when ordinary people like us stand up and demand change, that improvements to our lives can come.

It’s not right > That we can’t afford to pay our bills.

It’s not right > That parents are skipping meals to feed their children.

It’s not right > That we have to depend on benefits to survive.

It’s not right > That many of us cannot afford a home of our own.

Fair pay for the work we do is a basic right!

Join the campaign for £10 an hour minimum wage for all!

Want to get involved?

Get in touch Tel /text 07739326006

Email…. Sheffieldneedsapayrise@outlook.com

Facebook @Sheff4Ten twitter #Sheff4Ten

Poverty Pay is not OK