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“#DearMrHammond, Chancellor please listen – stop cutting and start investing in our vital public services.”


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Our public services are at unprecedented risk because of ongoing cuts and a failure to invest.


In his Autumn Statement on Wednesday 23 November 2016, the new chancellor Philip Hammond has an opportunity to show that this government’s rhetoric about doing things differently is real, not just more of the same.

Join us and ask Mr Hammond for a change of direction in his autumn statement. It’s time to stop cutting and start investing in our vital public services.

Learn more: unison.org.uk/dearmrhammmond

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We all need our public services. Our parks and libraries, clean and safe streets, schools and hospitals. They care for us and make our communities into places where we want to live.

But now more than ever our public services, and the people who deliver them, are under real pressure.

UNISON hears every day from its members – from cleaners to school meals staff; administrators to homecare workers; paramedics to police community support officers that despite their best efforts, public services are at serious risk and soon many will be unable to provide the support our communities need.

UNISON is calling for a change of direction for public services

By way of a first down payment on a sustainable future for public services, Chancellor Philip Hammond should immediately:

  • Stop further cuts to public service jobs
  • Make sure our loved ones receive the high-quality social care they need
  • Fully fund student nursing to safeguard the future of our NHS
  • Stop stealth cuts to public services

Ask the chancellor to listen on Wednesday 23 November.

Learn more: unison.org.uk/dearmrhammmond

Source: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/49888-dear-mr-hammond