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In February 2016, the Boundary Commission for England (BCE) announced the start of our review of the Parliamentary constituencies in England. We have today published our  ‘Guide to the 2018 Review’, which you can find on our website.

The Guide aims to explain:

● The policies that the Commission will work to in conducting the review within the statutory framework;

● The changes that were most recently made to the law governing Parliamentary constituency reviews by the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011 (‘the 2011 Act’). The 2011 Act has a major impact on the way a review operates, and particularly the first review to be completed following that legislation is likely to result in some degree of change to a large number of existing constituencies; and

● The details of the process that the 2018 Review will follow, including the number of public hearings that we will conduct around the country this autumn.

Although this is the Commission’s current intention, it reserves the right to revise that timetable if necessary.

Sam Hartley, Secretary to the Commission, said: ‘The Guide to the 2018 Review, which we publish today, sets out how the Commission will go about proposing changes to MPs’ constituency boundaries in England. The first step on the journey will come in September this year, when we will publish our initial view of what the new map of England’s  constituencies should look like.

We’ll be asking for people’s views at that point, and travelling round the country in October and November to hear people’s views direct.’

More information is available on the BCE’s website and Twitter feed @BCE2018.


1. The Boundary Commission for England is an independent and impartial advisory body, constituted under the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986. It is responsible for  conducting reviews of English parliamentary boundaries and making recommendations to Parliament. The  reviews for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are the responsibility of separate Commissions in those parts of the United Kingdom, who regulate their own conduct and set their own timetables.

2. The current review of Parliamentary constituencies began in February 2016. The Commission is required to report to Parliament in September 2018 – the current review is therefore known as the ‘2018 Review’.

3. The ‘Guide to the 2018 Review of Parliamentary constituencies’, published today, acts as the Commission’s statement of policy and sets out the way it will carry out the review.

4. The Commission also announces today that it intends to publish its Initial Proposals for new constituency boundaries for the whole of England on Tuesday 13 September 2016. This will be the first time the public will get a chance to both see what their new constituencies might look like, and give the Commission their views on the proposals.

5. The Commission retains the discretion to move the date it will launch its Initial Proposals subject to any external events, giving as much notice to all its stakeholders as possible. There will be a media briefing before the launch of the proposals, details about which will follow in due course.

Source: http://boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/guide-to-the-2018-review-published/