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Poets, performers, bands and jokers, ranters and writers, thought provokers!

Would you like to be filmed for part of a community project to keep the risky fracking industry out of our Barnsley!

We want to spread awareness that Barnsley is under license to be fracked and we believe you are the people with the skills and talent to get the word out there!

We’ve been working with local poets and have just launched our new video project called, ‘Barnsley Voices Against Fracking’. Jeff Jethro Platts, Del Scott Miller and Tom Valentine all wrote poems especially for the project, describing their feelings on the prospect of fracking ruining some of their favourite local places.

Fracking will affect our health, our environment, our future. It’s a matter of democracy that we, the people of Barnsley, have our voices heard. We need to make government & the people who represent us understand that we have a right to say what happens to our communities.

If you, your friends or community group want to be filmed singing, dancing or using spoken word etc, let us know. If you’d rather use written word, photography & art, we’d love to share that on social media and via a gallery on our website. Any ideas people have are welcome, whether it’s an anti-fracking cake you’ve baked, a selfie next to a no fracking sign or photographs of places you don’t want to see destroyed by fracking. Whatever you can think of and would enjoy doing, get creative, get involved, get heard!

If you or your local stage, choir, community group, etc would like to keep Barnsley free from the risks fracking brings, please get in touch- we’d love to hear from you!

Email: Nofrackingbarnsley@yahoo.com FaceBook Twitter