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Our Public Health Strategy for 2016-18 tells you about the work we’ll be doing over the next three years to make Barnsley a healthier, happier and fairer place for everyone.

You can read the Public Health Strategy here.

The strategy demonstrates the commitment of the council to work with partners to improve the health of all people living in Barnsley.  It outlines our public health vision ‘children have the best start in live and everyone enjoys a happy healthy life wherever they live and whoever they are’.

We know that what happens to children before they are born and their experiences as they grow and develop can affect their health and opportunities later in life.  We also know that children and young people who grow up in a safe environment and have a positive relationship with their families and communities are more likely to do better as they go through life.  Therefore, the council is committed to work with partners to tackle the problem of poor health and health inequalities by focusing our efforts on children, young people and their families across the borough.

The strategy contributes to achieving our vision, a brighter future and a better Barnsley and the three council priorities, thriving and vibrant economy, people achieving their potential and strong and resilient communities through our four long term public health outcomes:

  • Our residents will start life healthy and stay healthy
  • Our residents will live longer healthier lives
  • We narrow the gap in life expectancy and health between the most and least healthy
  • We protect our communities from harm, major incidents and other preventable health threats

To demonstrate we are making a difference in the shorter term we are focusing on three evidence based priority areas in order to achieve the biggest impact on public health and wellbeing.

  • improving the oral health of children
  • creating a smokefree generation
  • increasing levels of physical activity