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More than 2000 people have signed our petition opposing fracking in Barnsley.  The petition to Cllr Stephen Houghton, leader of Barnsley MBC,  was started following the announcement of exploratory licences for unconventional shale gas in Barnsley.

Many people didn’t know these licences cover most of Barnsley and surrounding areas, so we are doing all we can to raise awareness. The petition continues to grow as more people discover the negative impacts fracking could have on their lives, well-being and future.

Below are just some of the reasons people signed the petition:

The consequences of damaging our countryside, our water tables and causing ugly scars on the land are unimaginable. Banned in countries in Europe as it is a mess, so why do it here. People and land before profits please.’ Lou R

‘Because fracking is SO harmful to the environment’ Marjorie K

‘Our well being, health and future must come before greed and profit’ Bianca L

‘Fracking presents insidious risks to our community and will produce a very low return of energy. Why should we tolerate the pillaging of our health and landscape for the benefit of Tory cabinet friends and family with fracking interests? ‘ Phillip M

‘Just listen to America and the problems that have arisen from fracking- that’s the ordinary people like you and me not the “fat cats” ‘ Helen G

Alongside other local groups, we will be holding events in the coming weeks and months to make sure people in the area are aware that fracking is a very real threat to Barnsley and the best time to stop it is before it starts!

There’s been a great response from local people and if anyone would like to leaflet their street, please email us or message us on Twitter or Facebook.

Barnsley MP, Michael Dugher, has recently said it’s, ‘Vital that local people make known their views on fracking’ and we would also encourage people to make sure their voices are heard so their future is protected.

Sign the petition here!

Source: http://www.nofrackingbarnsley.org/news/2000-sign-petition-to-keep-barnsley-frack-free